Hackers@UPC is a non-profit student organization at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. We organize events during the year, nationally and internationally, to promote science and technology among students and create a great community in the technological world. Our mission is to foster learning, designing, and building in order to turn student's ideas into a reality!

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Workshops & Talks

We teach how to use technologies to create, manage and successfully develop your personal projects.


Once a year at Fall, we bring together 700 people of all experience levels, majors and backgrounds to UPC. It provides the space and the resources to express your creativity, ingenuity, and determination to create anything.


Smaller and closer hackathons for all kind of profiles creating a cool work atmosphere.

Travel to hackathons as a group

Through our Slack workspace we help organize hackers that want to attend hackathons all around the world.


We connect startups with students reversing the traditional dynamic of recruitment for fast-paced startups in Barcelona.

Help to organize hackathons

We help organizations and companies to organize their own hackathons apporting our experience in the field.

Our activities

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